Friends of Swayze, Inc., a NJ non-profit corporation, was formed for the purposes of:

To promote education of the public on the history of the pioneer families of Northwest NJ 
who are buried in the historic Swayze Family Burying Ground, a/k/a Swayze Cemetery, a/k/a Swayze-Hildebrant Cemetery, a/k/a Beaver Brook Cemetery in Hope Township, Warren County, NJ and, more specifically to:

1. Stabilize, repair, rebuild the walls and fences 
2. Identify, stabilize, and preserve the grave markers and monuments of those
            individuals buried in the cemetery
3. Research, identify, and document the histories of the cemetery and those 
            individuals buried therein
4. Document and publish the findings, as a result of the research, to benefit genealogists,               the historical interests of the public and for the benefit of future generations
Our Mission:

Friends of Swayze, Inc., a NJ non-profit corporation, 
provides the funds and resources 
to repair, rebuild, and restore 
the historic Swayze Cemetery in Hope, NJ, 
for the benefit of educating the public 
on the historical significance of the site 
and to prevent its further deterioration.