I am a descendant of Barnabas Swayze through his son Daniel who died in 1779. It goes like this Barnabas > Daniel> James> John Hiram . Green > Adella ( Chapman)> Elizabeth Chapman Downing > Me. I am a long time Swayze genealogist & researcher. Thanks for what you are doing. 
-C. D.
 Renton, WA
I was so pleased to hear about your project. I had visited Hope last September and did not realize that there was such a graveyard. We have been trying to make a link between the Sweezeys and Swazeys of NJ. I will be back in September of 2010 and will definately visit Hope again. My gggg grandfather was a loyalist and we ended up in Nova Scotia now New Brunswick Canada. I wish you and your foundation the best of luck
-G. S. 
 Miramichi NB Canada
My father undertook a project like this, restoring a cemetery and 1700s church. Eventually he was able to turn it over to the State of Delaware for future preservation. Now people can appreciate for a long, long time what was almost lost forever. So congratulations on taking on this project.  So many historic sites I have known over the years have been allowed to fall down. You are undertaking an important project for future generations.
-W. K.
 Tampa, FL
Please let us know what we can do to help this effort. Sounds like a great project.
-E. D.
 Hope, NJ
My father, Bo Hartung, was the son of Sarah Maria Swayze and John R. Hartung. 
Her father was Caleb Howell Swayze. Thanks for the work you are doing.
 Atlanta, GA
There's a whole element of history no one has uncovered yet. Each one of the people 
buried there deserves to have their story told.
 Hope, NJ

The Swayze land is sacred ground and it needs to be preserved.
 Hope, NJ
The history of the town is dead and in the ground, someone has to speak for them.
 Hope, NJ
My 2nd great grandparents Peter and Margaret (Danley) Winters and my 3rd great grandfather James Danley are buried at Swayze Cem. I have visited the cemetery several times and am so happy you have organized to get it fixed up. Thank you so much.
Ozark, AL