The Front Wall repair has been completed.
Thank you to all who have donated their time and money.

 Swayze Cemetery Draws 
Dedicated Individuals

     Most of life's projects require teamwork, skill, expertise, and dedication; the Swayze Cemetery project is no exception.  Friends of Swayze, right from it's inception has been fortunate to have many caring hands in the mix; from the grounds maintenance crew to the Board of Trustees.  Now during the first phase of the wall repair-a group of  skilled individuals has agreed to donate their time to assist with the reconstruction of the front wall which had tumbled.

The project was completed by JASON MAY, who acted as lead mason for the wall project. Jason removed the stone, chipped off the old mortar and has stacked the stone on pallets to get ready for the rebuild.  ROBERT MAY assisted with the stone stacking and serves as the organization's president. 

RON PETERSEN of Petersen Excavating dug new footings for the wall and will backfill the area as necessary. He will also provide the heavy equipment needed to reinstall the large blue stone caps.

     MIKE CONSER of Tri-State QUIKRETE donated all of the necessary mortar needed for the front wall repair.

     DUANE COPLEY and HERB OBSER repainted Swayze Cemetery gates.

     Behind the scenes there continues to be dedicated individuals who are responsible for fundraising, public relations and education, photography, group tours, landscaping, ground maintenance, repairs, etc.

     Some of the individuals who have volunteered their time and skills to the Swayze Cemetery include:

     Norman Beatty, Tim Belstra, Duane Copley, Liam Faris, Richard Goodbody, John Koonz, Fran Nalbone, Jason May, Robert May, Janet Milita, Timothy McDonough, Herb Obser, Christine Rusin, Bob Sherman, Peter Thomas,  Monica Sobon and James Fisher.

     If you would like to join the team, please send us an email at

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The wall before the cap was set.