John Samuel Green's Gravesite. 
Mr. Green sold his land to the Moravian settlers 
to found the town of Hope.
Bob May explains the significance of John Samuel Green's grave to the Hope School 7th and 8th Grade Students.
Students place flowers on the graves to kickoff the Cemetery project.
The students were very serious about their task 
of placing flowers on the graves.

Hope Girl Scout Daisy Troop 1095 does
grave rubbings to help identify grave sites that 
have become deteriorated. 

It was both an educational and a service project
 for the girls.

The girls study the first grave in the Cemetery. The tombstone of Israel Swayze.

The girls were full of questions about the Cemetery. 
They were all very respectful during their visit to the Swayze Cemetery.

It is important for our local youth to participate in this significant historical project.